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Studies and Research

The strategic priority of Studies and Research is essentially to promote action research activities in order to gather information and produce knowledge that can inform and recommend future work within the different strategic priorities of the Organization. This pillar is transversal in nature, as it communicates and informs the different pillars with data collected and analyzed scientifically and based on evidence.

Since much of KUWUKA JDA’s work focuses on the strategic priority of Governance and Participation, which in turn has a strong link with advocacy, studies will serve as a basis for evidence of the outcomes that will drive training and advocacy. The studies could be to identify gaps in policies, strategies and legal frameworks in the components where KUWUKA JDA works and recommend good practices not only in the external context but also in the internal context of the organization, such as institutional and / or organizational assessments.

Research will play an important role in informing advocacy and policy monitoring and governance. The strategic priority of Studies and Research will be closely linked to the strategic priority of Advocacy and Communication, through the publication of studies and the use of evidence to induce change