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Advocacy and Communication

The KUWUKA JDA institutional capacity assessment identified advocacy and communication as an area of ​​great challenge to the organization, since the activities associated with it are very important but have been pursued without a specific and systematic plan, and not sufficiently structured. Therefore, Advocacy and Communication, as a strategic priority, should be informed through a specific plan, as an integral part of this strategic plan.

The objective of the strategic pillar of Advocacy and Communication is to guide KUWUKA JDA in the production and operationalization of a strategy that should guide in a structured way the organization’s intervention in this field. Historically, civil society organizations involved in the field of land, environment and natural resources in Mozambique have played an important role in promoting the rights of citizens and especially of local communities as groups that have been relatively more vulnerable.

For the construction of a democratic society, of law and of social justice, local communities should be able to demand the observance of their rights and to participate in monitoring the processes of governance and decision making at the local level. In turn, the government should implement legislation and policies in a participatory, open, inclusive and transparent way, also requiring citizens, particularly at the level of the private sector, to respect legislation and, in particular, the rights of local and other communities. groups.

The Assembly of the Republic, as the representative of the people and oversight of the executive and the implementation of the law, also plays an essential role in building a democratic society, of law and social justice. As a basis of support, society in general should be kept regularly and impartially informed through the media about events related to legislative drafting, decision on public policies and their implementation, and on governance and implementation of projects in the area of ​​land, environment and natural resources.

KUWUKA JDA considers that the provision of relevant information, the establishment of adequate communication and coordination between these different social actors is central to the achievement of this aim.