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Strategic areas defined in the Strategic Plan 2017-2021

  • Governance and Participation

    Governance and Participation

    The strategic priority of Governance and Participation is to promote active and effective citizen participation in decision-making processes on public policies in the area of ​​land, natural resources and the environment as a process of good governance with a view to sustainable development. One of the challenges for the exercise […]

  • Community Development and Civic and Environmental Education

    Community Development and Civic and Environmental Education

    Community development is the improvement of the living conditions of the people of a given community in terms of organization, economic, social, political, environmental and cultural well-being, taking into account their specificities. The intellectual development of community members in each of the fields of knowledge is thus crucial for the […]

  • Studies and Research

    Studies and Research

    The strategic priority of Studies and Research is essentially to promote action research activities in order to gather information and produce knowledge that can inform and recommend future work within the different strategic priorities of the Organization. This pillar is transversal in nature, as it communicates and informs the different […]

  • Advocacy and Communication

    Advocacy and Communication

    The KUWUKA JDA institutional capacity assessment identified advocacy and communication as an area of ​​great challenge to the organization, since the activities associated with it are very important but have been pursued without a specific and systematic plan, and not sufficiently structured. Therefore, Advocacy and Communication, as a strategic priority, […]