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Who we are

KUWUKA JDA – Juventude Desenvolvimento e Advocacia Ambiental (Youth Development and Environmental Advocacy) is a Mozambican civil society organization established in 2001 and legally registered in 2008. It aims at contributing for sustainable and integrated development, participatory natural resources governance, through promotion of capacity building actions to strengthen society, local communities and citizens for active participation to influence decision making process, policy monitoring, research,  reflection and search of strategic methodologies and sustainable solutions for present and future challenges, transforming into development opportunities for a social, economic and environmental well-being.

 Vision: “For a participative society for good governance and natural resource management for sustainable development.”

 Mission: “To awake the exercise of citizenship for transparent and participatory governance of natural resources for sustainable development, with social, economic, and environmental justice.”

 Strategic Areas

 Governance and Participation

Governance is the exercise of political power over the management of a society’s resources. It is a complex and dynamic process, the method used by a community to orient itself. The participation of the members of all sectors of the community in the conception, elaboration, and implementation of the instruments of governance is important. This is so that its objectives and aspirations are quite set out; information is shared; communication is effective; and access and distribution of resources occurs in a transparent, equal, and just form.  The objective of strategic priority Governance and Participation is to promote active and effective participation by the citizenry in the decision-making process for public policies in the issue area of land, natural resources, and environment, as a good governance process, keeping in mind sustainable development.

 Community Development and Civic and Environmental Education

Community development is the improvement of living conditions of people in community in terms of organization, and economic, social, political, environmental, and cultural well-being, taking into account their specificities.  In this strategic priority, KUWUKA JDA intends to promote community development essentially through environmental civic education, including unleashing the processes of community social preparation, planning, and implementing participatory projects for the members of local communities in the area of sustainable use of land, environment, and natural resources, in such a way as to assure the resiliency of these in front of the challenges of climate change, competition for resources, and other social situations.